Yoga is union, it is a practice to connect our minds, bodies and souls so that we find balance within.

A yoga practice includes physical movements which help stretch and open body parts in which we might feel tension. The asanas (poses) that you come into during your yoga practice combine into a balanced sequence for the body and the mind. The sequences (of asanas) are tools for us to release stress or emotions and to help ourselves relax.

Finding calm while strengthening our bodies is a form of meditation in movement. With practice, our bodies become stronger and so does our self-confidence. Yoga is a perfect tool to find inner peace and create space where once there was tightness.

During a yoga class, there is time for calming down with meditation, heating our bodies up through movement and finding relaxation when we concentrate on the breath.

Classes are focused on different themes with the goal to help deal with the different parts of body and mind. Sometimes it might be physical: like hip openers, core strengthening or balancing poses. Other times it will be about releasing stress, tension and worries through more specific asanas and meditation.

In both cases the breath leads the way: we move and with the practice, we heal inside. By the end of the class we find ourselves more balanced, calm, peaceful and stronger and hopefully with a brighter smile!

Feeling like joining the classes or starting with yoga? Check out the possibilities here!

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