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Today I would like to share more deeply about the different yoga styles we practice at Blue Rock Yoga.

These styles have great benefits on our bodies and minds, helping us to have a healthy body and a relaxed mind. There are many more to explore in the yoga world, and these are some of the most extended practices in the western world.

Vinyasa Yoga

This dynamic yoga style focuses on moving with the breath, therefore every movement is lead by an inhale or an exhale. Vinyasa flow offers the possibility of moving in freely designed sequences of asanas while we deepen our breaths.

You can expect all kinds of poses in a Vinyasa class: standing, twists, backbends, balancing and hip openers among other, including asanas from the Ashtanga series (active sequences of yoga created by Patthabi Jois).

These classes are active, full of energy and sense of freedom in the body. Our bodies become stronger during this practice while we get sweaty! It is a perfect style to flow in a moving meditation and feel the cleaning of the body through movement, definitely letting go of everything in the mind and coming into our bodies.

Hatha Yoga

It is the traditional style of yoga which includes most of the practices as we know them today. It’s the mother branch of most yoga styles, including Vinyasa and Ashtanga.

In a Hatha yoga class we take it easy and learn how to correctly perform them in a safe way for every body. We take the time to focus on each pose and take deep breaths there. A very balancing practice for those who want to work their whole bodies in a gently way.

Slow Flow

A variation of the Vinyasa practice, a Slow Flow class has a slow pace, yet it challenges your body and mind. We move as through water, slowing transitioning from a pose to the next one and being conscious of each movement. We explore the “in betweens” of the practice. During those moments we connect with our breaths, rediscovering our bodies.

Active way of setting ourselves free in the move and discover unknown corners of our bodies.

Yin Yoga

This relaxing yoga practice brings you more stillness in the body and slow breaths. We stay close to the ground releasing tensions, stress or any worry in our minds.
Yin yoga is restorative and peaceful. We hold poses for long time and take deep breaths to get comfortable in the stretch while staying present in this moment. Taking it easy, we use props (blocks, blankets, bolsters, belts) to get comfortable in the poses.

Yin yoga helps lower our stress levels. It also softens the breath brining us a more peaceful state of being. Ideal class after a long day and calm down!


Pranayama is defined as breath control and it includes various breathing techniques to increase oxygen in the body and mind. The focus in on the breath and we learn how to consciously breathe to find more calm inside. Some yoga classes incorporate these exercises at the beginning of the class in order to feel more relaxed, grounded and focus before starting the physical practice.

Pranayama is another aspect of the yoga practice to come back to the breath, to the here and now and feel both energetic and calm.


Practicing meditation helps us observe our thoughts instead of getting caught by them. We sit or lay down and focus on the rhythm of our breaths, bringing the attention to ourselves. The aim is to be able to see our thoughts pass by without becoming them. It’s like watching the clouds pass by and letting them go.

This practice alone or combine with yoga brings benefits to the body and mind leaving us in a peaceful state.


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