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Welcome to this post about a Reiki healing session! I am Reiki practitioner level II and I give Reiki healing sessions to dissolve energetic blockages and to let the energy flow freely in the body.

When people read about Reiki and healing sessions they might still have doubt about what to expect from this holistic healing technique.

If you would like to read more about Reiki itself, I invite you to read the page I have about it here.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing technique designed (as we know it today) by Mikao Usui, Japanese Reiki master, in 1922. Reiki means universal energy and it believes that we are energy and that sometimes that energy gets blocked by our experiences in life.

This holistic healing technique is a laying-on-hands holistic healing in which a healer channelizes energy through your body. This keeps the energy flow in your body and dissolves blockages in its flow related to stress, anxiety or fear, among others.

Reiki is a beautiful way to get to know yourself, your feelings and help your heart release stress and difficult emotions. It is a gentle healing that brings balance and calm to your life while it shows you what you need to let go.

Who is a Reiki healer?

To be a Reiki practitioner you need to be initiated in this healing technique by a Master Healer, who connects you with the Universal Energy in a way that you can help others heal.

There are three levels of practitioners, I, II and Master. The Reiki healers are taught how to channelize in a safe and respectful way.

How is a Reiki healing session?

You will probably find Reiki sessions in a yoga studio, wellness center o holistic center. Once you arrive to the space you will meet the Reiki healer who will give the healing session.

First there will be a time to get to know each other. The healer will probably ask you about what brought you to be there and what are you experiencing in your life in general.

Once you feel comfortable, the healing part will begin. The healer will explain you that he/she will be placing his/her hands on your body in different locations to channelize energy all over your body.

You will be mostly laying on your back on a massage table while the person moves around you moving the hands on your body. A healing session varies in time, though in general it is approximately one-hour duration.

During the time of the healing, you can just relax, there is nothing you have to do. Just be there, breathing with an open heart.

This is a very special time.

You might feel deeply relaxation in your body and mind. Probably experience warmth and tingling in different parts of the body. Different emotions might arise and they all will be welcome. Feel free to laugh and cry if that is what you need to do.

The healer know this process is intense and that a lot might be released. He/She is there to support you and never judge you.

Let yourself be free. Whatever comes, a memory, bliss feeling, difficult experience or joy, it is all fine. The energy is moving through you body and sometimes these blockages need to be dissolved.

Reiki healing is non-harmful and a gentle way of letting go of anything which you don’t need anymore.

At the end of the healing session you might feel as if coming back from a deep sleep state, feeling lighter.


What happens next?

Once the healing part ends, you will sit together for a while more. You can express what you have experienced and ask any questions you have about what you have felt.

The healer mission during a Reiki session is just to channel energy from the Universe through your body. Nothing less. Nothing more.

You can feel safe and trust that whatever you share in these sessions will be kept as professional information.

The Reiki sensations will stay with you for some time that day and the following. I would highly recommend writing down all the feelings and experiences. This will help you understand better what you feel inside and if you have questions, you can bring them to your next meeting.

How often should I go to Reiki?

This depends entirely on you. A Reiki healing will keep on working in your body for days after the session. You can choose to do it periodically or eventually. Feel free to ask your Healer about what could work best for you.

Should I go to Reiki?

You can ask for a Reiki healing session if you feel this holistic approach will help you balance your mind and body. Reiki does its work during a healing session, but it is important that you feel open to receive this healing. If you are suffering stress, anxiety or any difficult emotion, this might be a good time to try Reiki. Feel free to ask any questions you have to the healer, he/she will be happy to explain you anything you wonder.

Reiki helps to keep the energy flow in your body. If you feel like taking care of yourself and doing some inner work to let go of something, this is a beautiful technique to help with that.

More questions? Feel free to contact me or any other Reiki healer to discover more about Reiki.


Would you like to join me for a Reiki Healing Session?

I will be honored.

You can send me an email to [email protected] to make an appointment.

For locations and prices see the Reiki page on this website.


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