October 1st

Time flies away and here we are, starting a new month full of opportunities and on a Monday. October is a special month to me, after the transitioning of September, this new month is a perfect time to root yourself.

Rooting in whatever you are working on right now: a new lifestyle, a new job, a new relationship, a new stage of your inner work, you name it.

October represents the time in which we anchor ourselves, brining more sense of grounding, of establishing, of getting comfortable.

This month brings us closer to the colder and darker days of the year, at least in this Northern hemisphere. To the warmth of home and the chill of the clear sky. To the starry nights with Orion above us and the colorful festival of nature all around.

Beautiful time to grow from our base. To start walking in the direction our hearts tell, from a ground of love. To stay connected with ourselves and continue the path we seeded after the summer.


A new season is here and I like to believe it is a time to shift from outwards to inwards. We leave days of sun and trips behind. We begin times of self love, of time to see inside how we are doing. Where do we want to head towards now?

We probably got a glimpse already. Now it might feel best to feel loved from within in order to continue moving. Nurturing time, this October.

Enjoy this time of “in betweens”, of letting go and staying warm inside. If there is something special about the transition of the seasons is that we have an opportunity to start over again. A time to come inside and let the heart lead the way, for space to be created and kindness our daily practice.

The yoga and meditation practice might also shift. Maybe to us flowing with the breath in a loving and accepting way and to move for the good of the soul. Why not to meditate on all the amazing things which came our way these past months. To be grateful. And to let go, to give ourselves a choice of moving on.

Welcome new month of October! May this month be filled with fire from within. May we all feel the changes with the wind and practice acceptance. Be kind to ourselves and others.

Love from within. Love yourself, no matter what.





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