Morning rituals can turn the way you face the day ahead.

I have always enjoyed time in bed and never been much of an early bird. However, since I changed that about two years ago, mornings are certainly a joy! i love doing things mindfully from the start of the day. It sets me in the right mood to live the day that begins.

Waking up early gives you enough time to start the day the way you like, instead of rushing to leave the door and do things. Those morning hours have also a beautiful energy to connect with and rise to shine! Leave your phone, news and social media for later and take some time to take care of yourself.

Here are some of the morning rituals which make my day more joyful from the start. You can try them and see what works for you!


I love to open the window when I have just left bed. Smell the morning breeze, realize what the sky looks like today and if you are lucky, maybe hear some morning birds. It is a moment of coming to the here&now before the day actually starts by consciously breathing in and out to this moment.

Hello, Sun!

The yoga sequences of Sun Salutations are a wonderful way to stretch the body after a long sleep. You can choose any of the variations you love for the morning and set your tempo.

I like to recommend some gentle spine movements before starting to awaken the spine and come to your breath, like Cat&Cow.

Cat&Cow movement? Come to your mat on your knees and hands, creating kind of like a table position with a long spine. Hands are under shoulders, knees under hips. From here, breathe in looking forward, dropping your belly and opening the chest. Exhale and look down, rounding the spine. Continue for as long as you like or include circular variations.


Lemon water

Yes, yes and yes! Rehydrating your body is so important after a whole night of sleep. A cup of warm water with lemon cleanses the body and awakens your bowels. Your whole body knows it is time to begin again.

Vitamin C included, this drink also awakens your senses with its citrus smell and bright yellow color uplifting your mood.

If it is too sour for your taste add only some drops to your water or mix it with another herbal infusion as chamomile, mint or ginger.

Nourish the body

Have your breakfast after your lemon tea if you wake up hungry like a bear, and otherwise move first to the meditation ritual. Choose something full of nutrients which will give your body good energy for the day.



AIM – Affirmations, Intentions, Meditation

Who doesn’t want to have bright days? AIM to have them! Every single morning!

Take a time to sit comfortably in a space that inspires you (bring your lemon water if you like). Do some morning meditation by closing your eyes and concentrating in your breath: in and out of your body, like a wave. Relax your body and connect with your heart. Thoughts might come and distract you, nothing is wrong with that. Gently, come back to the breath. Once and again.

When you decide to open your eyes from the meditation, take your journal or a piece of paper to write down your intention for the day. What do you want to live today? How do you want to face a certain situation? What can you do to find more peace within?

“Today I decide to…” can be a way to start your sentence. Just write down what comes from your heart.

And once you have your intention, use some affirmations which support that chosen sentence.

It can be something like “I am calm”, “I am strong”, “I can do it”, “I am loved”. Or longer ones like “I trust everything will be fine. I am fine”, “I believe I can do this. I am strong and confident”.

Depending on your intention, your affirmations will vary. Write them both down and come back to them during your day to remind yourself of acting instead of reacting to your day.

Find here The Light Guide to practice how to set your intention for the day.

Love yourself & others

Take a couple more minutes to express love to yourself. Give yourself a hug, hold one hand in the other, touch your face and send love to your body. Do anything which makes you feel unconditional love for yourself. Feel grateful for you, for being who you are and all you have go through to be here. Love yourself!

Share the love with others too! Extend it to your loved ones, squeeze them and tell them how much you love them. All these small actions will bring warmth to your heart, will make you vibrate with love and face the day ahead with more enthusiasm.


These are morning activities of joy for me, what about you? Have you tried any of these? Do you have different ones?

I would love to hear from you! Join the talk below or on Instagram @bluerockyoga

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