Hi there! Today I am happy to introduce you the first guide I have ever created for Blue Rock Yoga: The Light Guide – 7 days of inspiration to live full of light.

The guide includes different themed pieces for each day during 7 days with the aim of having a pause, breathe and choose to see the bright side.

Varying from Gratitude to Music, The Light Guide can be done anywhere, anytime and on your smartphone. All you need is something to write on (like your notes app) and headphones to have your favourite song ready.

We will sing, write, meditate and let go together! And you can also enjoy it whenever you decide, repeat the exercises you like the most and share it with your loved ones.

Creating this guide was a big thing for me, as I was looking for a way to share with you how small practices can surely change our day or mood. It is for everybody who wishes to find meaningful tools to apply to the daily life.

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Thank you for your trust.



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