Coming home.

The home within.

The light which I am.

The love of creation.

The love I am.

Despite I was born and grew up in Madrid, I have been living in different countries since 2011. I love moving and change. This is a big realization for me, which I try to accept and embrace, same as we realize the beauty of the sun when it rises every morning.

My concept of home is something which has been evolving in the past years. Moving from houses, countries and continents is something with big lights and sometimes, clouds.

Packing, unpacking and getting rid of stuff has been very eye opening experiences. About what I need. And what I don’t. Most of it, I don’t. The lighter I have travelled, the freer I have felt. The less I owned, the more space within I found.

Where do I belong?

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the question, “where is my home? Where do I live? Which country does my heart belong? Where do I have my base?”.

As if in this life it was important to answer any of those questions.

The belonging feeling turns into something different when you change. And I mean change in every area of life you can think of.

Change has taught me that it is a constant. And there is another: your heart.

The outside might look different, different house, different city. Yet, you and your essence are always there. You are your own home.

Home is within. Wherever you are. How ever that looks.

Any time life feels unstable, changing, or it is challenging you, come back to your breath. Once and again. Maybe life is full of change for you right now: new house, partner, career, dream. Anything that changes might bring challenge.

When you feel lost, alone or you just don’t know where your place is take a moment to close your eyes and breath.

Inhale. Exhale.

Feel your heartbeat, feel the air coming in and out of your body. Feel your home. Your safe space. Feel yourself within.

There is your home.

There is where you belong.

And the most beautiful thing is that you can always, everywhere and at any time, come home. Come to your heart. Breathe in and out. Feel.

Coming home.

Full of light and peace.

with meaning

warmth and hope.

I am coming home.




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