Inhale love. Exhale fear.

Hi there!

I am Cristina and I am happy to welcome you to Blue Rock Yoga, a space for everybody to practice yoga and find balance in life.

From early on in my life I have tried to find the path which resonates most in my heart: doing something truly meaningful in which I could put my whole self.

After finishing my university studies in Madrid, I moved to The Netherlands where I found a home. From here my self-discovery path began and it lead me to try yoga.

I immediately felt connected with the practice, on and off the mat, and I consciously started taking steps towards what felt right for me: living a yoga life and sharing it with others.

Yoga and meditation helped me to do my inner work and be able to release old patterns and fears that had been limiting my freedom for so long.

This realization is something I want to share with everybody: yoga is a great tool to go out of your head and move with your body. Discovering spaces, releasing tensions and just focusing on the breath make you aware of what is going on in your head and how you can let it go.

200h Certified Yoga Teacher

After travelling some of the world, this path became clearer for me and I decided to do my Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India, at the foothills of the Himalayas. This international certification gave me the knowledge on how yoga can be shared and practiced safely, how to lead a yoga class, create a space for everybody to feel home and more. Since then I have continued my teacher development also in The Netherlands through other courses and workshops. I am also a level II Reiki practitioner, healing technique to dissolve energetic blockages stored in the body.

The concept of Blue Rock comes from just being yourself. Like a rock in the water, the water flows around it, but the rock stays what it is. When we connect to who we truly are, life starts shining on us and we flow with it. We are just ourselves, no matter what.

Like a rock in the water, the water flows around it, but the rock stays what it is.

Next to teaching yoga, I also created a jewelry brand for the spiritual journey. For Blue Rock Malas (, following the same idea of letting ourselves be free, I design and knot mala necklaces (traditional meditation necklaces) and bracelets, among others. They all have a meaning in themselves and are meant to help you connect with yourself.

The yoga practice helps to find inner peace, quiet the mind and realize how wonderful your body is. Whether you’re on or off the yoga mat – the practice happens inside of you.

It is my privilege to share this with you, and I am happy to get to know you and practice together.

Thank you for being here,


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